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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Followers !

Yay I have 2 followers !! Thanks Gals. I guess I had better get busy and blog more :) I never ever win anything and last night I found I won a surprise gift from Jen over at Yay ! Thank you so much ! I cant wait ! There are so many blogs out there, I love reading them all ! Its so inspiring to me to read there goals and accomplishments. I have been slacking ALOT lately.Not sure why. Maybe the weather, its been snowing and blowing here for days. I have 40 days till my relay race ! I need to get moving ! I need to add a strength training as well. I have been deleting all carbs and then I will add the good ones slowly. I guess it would be called Atkins. :) It works for me and I 'm pretty sure it would be easier to run with 10 less pounds on me .
I'm going to have to a inside work out today. I have a sick kiddo and hubby is out campaigning (hes running for county commissioner) I think I will dig out "ole" Jillian. Shes a butt kicker ! I got her new "Yoga Meltdown" I will have to try it. I'm sure I wont be able to move after I do it.


  1. Be sure to email me so I can get it mailed out.

  2. i emailed you last night. Hmm maybe I put the wrong address. I will try again :)