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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dragging ...

First I would like to say congrats to all who have or are running this weekend ! There seems to be alot of races going on. I wish there was one around here !
I am still sick. I have a chest/cough thing going on ! I'm thinking I may be able to do some "light" yoga to replace running for a few days ! Although I REALLY WANT TO RUN !
The snow has melted off now , that we have a dirt trail we can run on , and I would love to do that. I even bought some new trail shoes. Need to try them out :)
I have 34 days till my relay race. If you have not checked it out on my other blog posts, you should. The elevation is a killer, I have legs 5 , 11. http://
I have some of the easier ones, but who runs up hills ? I need to kick it in gear ! Im so excited for the whole weekend. Woot !
Happy Mother's Day to all !

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