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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Im back from Race

First leg for me stripping my clothes off :)
Here I am waiting to run my first girl is coming in

This is my team at 2:45 am :)

It was so fun. Didnt sleep for 24 hours, but I guess we all had runners high ! We ran 62 Miles in 10 hours and 11 mins. I ran both of my legs at just under 1 hour. My first leg was 5.87 miles and I ran it in 58 mins. The second leg was 4.89 miles and i ran it in 52 mins. My first leg was 8 am and it was cold 34 degrees. It was hard to breathe, but I did strip some clothing off. the second legg it was HOT 62. I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt. My hubby was are driver and he rocked ! All the ladies loved that he drove for us and he kept our time and took over 100 pictures for us. We are planning to run it again next year ! We had a really good team !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's time !

My race is Sat morning at 2:45 a.m. I will be leaving tomorrow and be gone through Monday. Woot cant wait. I will take lots of pictures, and Im excited ! its also hubby and I's 10 year anniversary. So we will celebrate while we are there, its a resort town, Sun Valley, Idaho.
Wish me luck and see you in a few days :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

4 Days !

4 days thats it, until my race ! Its suppose to rain, go figure ! I have never ran a race in the rain, anything special I should do ?
I ran 3 miles this afternoon. Its finally nice. 66* right now and partly cloudy. More sun than clouds ! Yay lovin that ! I have not sweat like this in a long time ! I had a great run. I was a little stiff starting out, by the first mile I was going. I was going to run a loop that I love , its part pavement, part trail, part dirt road. Its about 2.6 miles, I then was going to add a mile of pavement...when I got down on the trail ..there was so much water I couldnt get through..we have had flooding pretty bad here from all the rain. I w as bummed, but I went back up and went down a shorter trail to some boat docks and took the longer loop home... so it all worked out just a little modifying ! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heavy Legs

I ran last night about 6:00, waited for the rain to stop but never did..Im ok with running in a sprinkle or light rain, but it poured all day ! I was soaked when I got home my pants were getting heavy at the end. It was fun though !

Today I ran and it was so hard. My legs were heavy ! I had to walk alot. I ran 2.26 miles and it took me 25:44. Yikes ! Not sure whats going on. The good thing is that it didnt rain on me, but I over dressed so I was hot.

I was looking for pictures from my first 5K ( last year) and the only ones I can find was from the photographers site so here is the site :
If for some reason I dont pop up my bib # was 8250. I dont have short hair anymore. I went and cut it to have "marathon hair" ha ha ! Not one of my smarter ideas :)
8 days left till the relay race, just found out our start time is 2:45 am. ! We have to be there 30 mins before and it will take 30 mins to drive so we have to be up and going by 1:30 am ! oh my....!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

And its still raining..and the forcast ? ....more rain. Oh well I will man up and run in the rain again !

I saw this comic on anothers blog and thought it was cute .

Oh and Happy National Running Day ! Get out and Run today ..even if its in the rain !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

12 Days ! Aaahhhh

12 days till my relay race. 12 days that it ! I'm scared and nervous, excited and did I say nervous. :)
I ran today 2 miles did @ 9:37 pace. Woot that's the best so far. i still have a cold but I'm running through it. Even ran in the rain, which rocked ! I had my sin (15 yrs) run with me and one of my daughters ride there bike with me. My son ran..well sorta, ok not really. He started off really good running with me, not a half mile in he started to wimp..he walked ..and then would run and catch up..he did this for a mile..then I lost him. I came around a corner and he took the short cut way and I raced him home and he gave up ..but at one point I was at 7:50 min. miles. YAY I thought I was going to die ! But it was AWESOME !
I'm starting a challenge for myself starting today. Today to the 12th I HAVE to run 10 days, strength 9 days . Eat healthy, take my vitamins, drink lots of water ! I weighted myself, and measured my arm, leg bust, and waist to see how many inches I can loose. Hope for lots !
Ive also decided I'm not ready for a full Marathon, so I will not be doing the Portland Marathon. Maybe next year...after I have ran a half. I do have one other race planned but its not till 9-5-10. Its 8.6 I need to find one for July or August .