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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why life ?

Why does life always have to get in the way of a great run ? I did not run Thurs or Friday. Why ? Life ! I worked till 1 on Thurs. but had to come home and get ready for a meet and great at 4. Got home about 8 and by the time I got the kids to bed it was after run Friday i got off work at 1 then went to my other "little" job and hurried up to do that ..bout an hour...came home to finish the pork for the community dinner at was out the door by 4. Didnt get home till 8, and again by the time i got things cleaned up and kids to bed to late to yet again . My cold has never left, but I have been dealing with it. This morning I wake up with a runny nose and a sore throat ! Seriously ! ? I will still try to run ! But yet again ! Now dont get me wrong I love life ! It just seems that when you have one particular thing to do, other things get in the way.

Question for you all ? How do you deal with a cold when running ? Do you still run, do you take something ? What do you do ? Is there something I should be doing daily to prevent colds ? I need to get rid of this cold :)

1 comment:

  1. I have read that if its in your head (sinus)/neck and you dont have a fever then its ok to run. If its in the chest and/or you have a fever skip the run. I'm sure all of that depends on the severity though.

    hope youre feeling better