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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sick !

I have had a sick kid home for 4 days now. Im going crazy ! And now I have her sicky little cold ! Miserable thats all I can say. I walked my other monkey to the bus stop this morning (27*) and it hurt my chest and lungs to breathe....ya no running for me ! For the love of pete !
I was able to do the Jillian yoga meltdown yesterday...yes I melted down and not a fat melt :) She kicked my badonka donk ! Im so sore this morning. I know this is a good thing, and I cant wait to do it again. I really want to run ! I dont have many days left to train for the relay.

There are so many wonderful, inspiring, funny, informative blogs out there. I love reading them all. I know there is so much time dedicated to these, thank you to all ! :)


  1. Thanks for being my first follower :) Hopefully everyone in your house is starting to feel better. Good luck with training for the relay!

  2. I totally second your last paragraph! It's amazing how much more time I spend reading other people's blogs than working on my own.

    I loved your last post about gaining followers - it's a real ego boost to think that somebody else will read your blog and get something out of it - I commented when I got some too. :)