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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Im back from Race

First leg for me stripping my clothes off :)
Here I am waiting to run my first girl is coming in

This is my team at 2:45 am :)

It was so fun. Didnt sleep for 24 hours, but I guess we all had runners high ! We ran 62 Miles in 10 hours and 11 mins. I ran both of my legs at just under 1 hour. My first leg was 5.87 miles and I ran it in 58 mins. The second leg was 4.89 miles and i ran it in 52 mins. My first leg was 8 am and it was cold 34 degrees. It was hard to breathe, but I did strip some clothing off. the second legg it was HOT 62. I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt. My hubby was are driver and he rocked ! All the ladies loved that he drove for us and he kept our time and took over 100 pictures for us. We are planning to run it again next year ! We had a really good team !


  1. oh i love relay races! i did one in reno, nv once called the reno tahoe oddesey-it was such an incredible experience :)

  2. way to go. relays are always so much fun