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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heavy Legs

I ran last night about 6:00, waited for the rain to stop but never did..Im ok with running in a sprinkle or light rain, but it poured all day ! I was soaked when I got home my pants were getting heavy at the end. It was fun though !

Today I ran and it was so hard. My legs were heavy ! I had to walk alot. I ran 2.26 miles and it took me 25:44. Yikes ! Not sure whats going on. The good thing is that it didnt rain on me, but I over dressed so I was hot.

I was looking for pictures from my first 5K ( last year) and the only ones I can find was from the photographers site so here is the site :
If for some reason I dont pop up my bib # was 8250. I dont have short hair anymore. I went and cut it to have "marathon hair" ha ha ! Not one of my smarter ideas :)
8 days left till the relay race, just found out our start time is 2:45 am. ! We have to be there 30 mins before and it will take 30 mins to drive so we have to be up and going by 1:30 am ! oh my....!!


  1. sometimes i have really heavy legs.....then it passes-you are a stud to run in the rain!

  2. I would not call myself a stud, :) maybe dedicated :)