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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How Am I suppose to get my groove on if its snowing ? Who wants to run in snow in April ? I need to break my 2 mile barrier. If Im going to run 6.0 miles I might want to run a little furter in training.
Today will be a challenge with it snowing, I just want to go back to bed and Hide till the snow is gone.
We are offical. We have reserved the condos, and our entry fee has been sent in. No backing out now. Woot Here is what we are running ...http://
Its not your typical halfy ..and huge CUDOS to the peeps running Leg 6 ! Holy Moly ! Did you check out that elevation change ! ?
Im totaly loving "Racing With Babes" http:// running skirts. they are so much fun ! I really want one. I will have to save up. This relay race is not so cheap :)
Ok must run in snow, must do it, must run in snow ......

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